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or random rantings
1. What’s your first name? Christopher
2. Male or female? Male
3. How old are you? 28
4. What country or state do you live in? AL, USA
5. Would you say your straight, gay or bi? gay

6. Describe what you look like: 6'3", average/toned, 220#, green eyes, brown hair
7. Ok now guys, how big is it honestly? And girls, how many fingers can you fit? A perfect 7x6" cut.
8. Have you ever used a cucumber up your ass? Never a cucumber, but what about the other produce?
9. Have you ever let someone lick your ass? Yes
10. Have you ever licked or kissed someone's ass? A few, if they're really sexy
11. What’s your favorite body part on the other sex? Ass all the way
12. What’s your favorite place on your body to be kissed? lips, neck, earlobes
13. Do you have any special names for your privates or what do you call them? Mr. Happy
14. Do you shave your pubic hair, trim, wax, have a racing strip, leave it natural or what? Trim

15. Do you masturbate (don't lie now)? All the time and proud of it
16. How often do you masturbate? 1 to 2 times a day, sometimes more, love to edge
17. How many people have you slept with? Hmm, I left my clicker at the office, too many to remember.
18. How old were you when you lost your virginity? technically, 19
19. Who did you lose it to? A random dude I hookeup with for blowjobs, he hopped on for a ride
21. Do you have any other sexual regrets? that I didn't loose my cherry sooner
22. Have you ever had sex with a virgin? A few
23. What’s the biggest age difference between you and someone you've had sex with? 30 years or so, when I was in college
24. How often would you have sex in an ideal relationship? At least 2 times a day.
25. And when was the last time you actually did have sex? couple of weeks.
26. When was the last time you had an orgasm? last night.
27. Have you ever had a one-night stand? Yes, many.
28. What sort of contraception do you normally use? Condoms sometimes
29. Have you ever had phone sex? Yes
30. Have you ever had cyber sex? Yes
31. Have you ever devoted a whole day to sex? Yes, getting it and having it
32. Lights on or off? Always on if I have my choice, I like to look
33. Do you prefer to give or receive oral sex? receive
34. Do you prefer oral sex or straight ahead sex? Oral is great, but if I'm there to fuck, let's get to the point babe.
35. Do you prefer giving/receiving blowjobs or hand jobs? Blowjobs, gave up on handjobs in high school
36. Do you prefer eating/being eaten or fingering/being fingered? I can damn near blow my wad from fingering a hot ass
37. Girls, have you ever used your tits to get a guy off, or guys, have you ever had a girl use her tits to get you off? um, no.
38. What’s your favorite position? Missionary, love to see the other person's face and have full access to all the goodies.
39. What’s the most number of positions you've used in one sex session? Geez, who counts, it's not a damn paint by number people
40. Do you like sex best rough, gentle, fast, slow, or how? Rough and fast, gentle and slow, just depends on my mood, but usally I'm an agressive guy.
41. Do you get turned on by pain? Nothing to bad, a groan or a wince can be good.
42. Have you ever tried anal sex and if so did you like it? Yeah, mostly top, but when I get really horny I like to bottom.
43. How do you feel about sex when you or your partner is on her period? Been there, done that, not going back.

44. Have you ever or do you ever-fake orgasms? Once or twice so the dude didn't think he was bad.
45. What’s the most number of orgasms you have had together, or in one sex session? 3 or 4
47. What sort of orgasm do you normally have (do you moan, pant, gasp, scream or what)? Some of it all depending on the situation, mainly cuss up and blue streak.
48. Spit or swallow? Usually don't have to choose, but if you're blowing me, swallow if you like.
49. Girls, do you like the taste of cum, or guys, do you like the taste of pussy? Eating pussy can rock, if it's fresh, cum is cool sometimes, my own is an occasional treat, been known to eat it out of someone, love my precum.
50. Have you ever tasted your own love juices? See above.

51. Have you ever given someone a bj while you were pissing in the toilet? No, but sounds hot
52. What is the filthiest thing you can imagine yourself doing? If it's the filthiest thing that I can imagine myself doing, then I've probably done it, I have my limits though.
53. Have you or do you ever look at porno magazines? Sometimes
54. Have you or do you ever watch porno videos? I want to be a pornographer when I grow up!
55. Have you ever watched a live stripper? yep.
56. Have you ever watched a live sex show? no, that's on my wish list.
57. Have you ever used toys during sex? once or twice.
58. Have you ever used sex toys on your own? Yep, just both a new dildo!
59. Have you ever used another object that wasn't really a toy during sex? yep.
60. Have you ever used another object that wasn't really a toy on your own? he, he!
61. How do you feel about talking during sex? It's great, as long as we're talking about the matter at hand, lol, and it doesn't have to be comprehensible.
62. Are you usually loud during sex? depends on if I'm pitching or catching, tend to be normal pitching, catching can get loud!
63. Have you ever woken up somebody else in the same house when your having sex? no.
64. Have you ever had complaints from the neighbors about your noise during sex? no.
65. Have you ever been given open praise for your sexual technique? Technique and Attributes.
66. Have you or do you ever think about other people when your having sex? Sometimes.
67. Have you ever called out someone else's name during sex? it's safe to stick with generic terms like dude, guy, boy, man, bitha and slut.
68. Have you ever had sex in a car? Yes.
69. If yes, was the car moving? No.
70. Have you ever had sex in the water (pool, ocean, etc.)? no.
71. Have you ever had sex in the shower? no.
73. Have you ever have sex at work or school? Yes.
74. Do you ever role-play in the bedroom? sometimes.

75. Have you ever used food for sexual purposes? Yes.
76. Have you ever had a threesome or any sort of group sex? Love it, the more the merrier!
77. Have you ever had sex with more than one person during a 24-hour period but not at the same time? Yes.
78. Have you ever messed around with other people in the room? Yes.
79. Have you ever been caught masturbating? Yes.
80. Have you ever caught anyone else masturbating? Yes.
81. Have you ever been caught having sex? No.
82. Have you ever caught anyone else having sex? No.
85. Have you ever watched anyone have sex (whether they knew or not)? Yes, as part of a group situation
86. Has anyone ever watched you having sex? Yes.
88. Have you ever French kissed anyone of the same sex? Of course!
89. Have you ever had a sexual experience with someone of the same sex? Boy howdy!
90. Have you ever had sex with two people in the same family? no.
91. Have you ever had sex with someone related to you? show and tell doesn't count.
92. Have you ever had sex with someone much older than you? Yes.
93. Have you ever had pains as a result of sexual acts? Yes.
94. Have you ever fallen asleep during sex? just between rounds.
95. Have you ever answered the phone while you were having sex and kept going? yes.
96. Have you ever let anyone watch you piss or shit? Yes.

97. Describe your worst sexual experience: I won't subject you to the gore, but it involved a girl who was a technical virgin and a not so fresh pussy. Ugh!
98. Describe your best sexual experience: Any of the many times I've found a dude that loved having his ass used hard!
99. Describe your biggest fantasy: massive gangbang.
100. And finally, what's the kinkiest thing you've ever done? Depends on what you think is kinky, maybe gloryhole sex.
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Since this is my first post, I thought I'd start off with my first love-- masturbation. I can remember jacking off since I was a kid and still love it, no matter how much sex I get. I swear it's the great cure-all. If I'm horned up; I wack it. If I'm tense; I wack it. If I'm bored; I wack it.

I haven't gotten my daily dose of masturbation in yet today. Hell left to myself, I'd jack off at least three times a day. Or, if that's not a viable option, then I want a good long edging session with just me, my hardon, some porn and maybe some lube to spice things up!
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the beginning of many good things begins with awkward fumbling in the dark, and I hope that's what I have going on here. "Fumbling?" check! "In the dark?" check! Now let's see how this livejournal thing works out.

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