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Masturbation Rocks - Soliloquy
or random rantings
Masturbation Rocks
Since this is my first post, I thought I'd start off with my first love-- masturbation. I can remember jacking off since I was a kid and still love it, no matter how much sex I get. I swear it's the great cure-all. If I'm horned up; I wack it. If I'm tense; I wack it. If I'm bored; I wack it.

I haven't gotten my daily dose of masturbation in yet today. Hell left to myself, I'd jack off at least three times a day. Or, if that's not a viable option, then I want a good long edging session with just me, my hardon, some porn and maybe some lube to spice things up!

A few nights ago I couldn't sleep so, well you guessed it, I logged on, pulled up the porn, and started pounding my pole for all it's worth. After a few hours, damn near a pack of cigarettes and an ungodly number of various porn pics I was ready to unload. FUCK! And unload I did. I've never been a big shooter, decent but definately not a rocket man. Apparently my guy was ready to prove me wrong. I whipped my meat out of my shorts and started those last, fast and lusty strokes that I knew would bring me off finally. My body tensed up and I started shaking. Before I knew what the hell was happening I was spraying myself down with my hard earned jizz. I don't remeber ever shooting like that before. Cum shot out of me and up and over my shoulder. The distinct sound of splattering juice hitting my arm rang in my ears. When I came to my senses, I realized it was all over, searing into my arm, on my shirt, I'm pretty damn sure it even hit the sofa behind me, not to mention the pool on my hand and hardon.

Absolutely, hands down, the best jacking and jizzing I've had in a long time, maybe ever. I'm afraid now it's going to be like really awesome sex, I'll always hope to get it like that again. One thing's for certain, I can't wait to drop trou again and hope to be the rocket man that I know I can be now.

My only regret, if I were to have any at all, would be that I didn't have an audience or a hot face waiting for it. Maybe next time!
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